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It has arrived! After the huge success of both the Beta launch and the Hotfix updates, Wandering Samurai and the MWLL Dev team are proud to bring you the first official patch of Mech Warrior: Living Legends.

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It has arrived! After the huge success of both the Beta launch and the Hotfix updates, Wandering Samurai and the MWLL Dev team are proud to bring you the first official patch of Mech Warrior: Living Legends. Many new features, game balancing changes and bug fixes have worked their way into this update, so please familiarize yourself with the release notes found below!

For all those who are new to the game here is a few tutorial videos we have put together to help ease you all into the learning curve of MWLL.

You may grab the updates from the following locations:

Download Mirrors:

Installation is very simple!
Extract straight into your Crysis directory.

NOTE: You do not need to have the hot fix installed to update to this patch. This patch will overwrite all files updated by the hotfix and thus will work with or without the hot fix.

Version 0.1.0
- Damage drop off added to Heavy Gauss after 300m.
- Increased damage of all Gauss (except Heavy Gauss).
- Increased Gauss and Clan Gauss ammo per ton from 8 to 12.
- Increased LRM ammo per ton from 120 to 240.
- Decreased SRM ammo per ton from 240 to 120. Increased radius of splash damage.
- Decreased NARC ammo per ton from 6 to 4.
- NARCs no longer emit a signal if they attach to the ground.
- Decreased Medium and Large Pulse Lasers damage.
- Increased damage of all Beam Lasers. Lowered heat of ERLBL.
- Decreased Clan ERPPC heat and increased PPC heat. Increased heat transferred to targets for all PPCs.
- Decreased heat transferred to targets by Flamers.
- Increased RAC2 and RAC5 Damage.
- Increased accuracy of AC2 and AC5. Increased damage to light armor (Battle Armor, hovercraft, VTOL, aerospace). Decreased damage to heavy armor.
- Decreased turn rate of Arrow IV.
- Decreased Battle Armor health regen when moving (from 40 seconds for full health to 60 seconds).
- Decreased Battle Armor health from 150 health to 125 health.
- Inferno charges now add heat to vehicles they detonate on.
- A mech's back torso can now be repaired once destroyed.
- Improved Harasser drivability.
- Changed Harasser C weapon loadout.
- Slightly decreased Partisan armor.
- Decreased Huitzilopochtli heat efficiency and increased price.
- Increased price of Sulla B.
- Increased price of Shiva C.
- Increased MASC speed boost amount.
- Increased mech turn rate.
- Increased Owens and Uller top speed.
- Increased price of Hollander II. Changed weapon loadouts of Hollander II B and C.
- Changed weapon loadout of the Vulture B.
- Changed weapon loadouts and improved heat efficiency of MadCat A, B, and C.
- Changed weapon loadouts of Mauler A and C. Improved heat efficiency of Mauler A, B, and C.
- Changed weapon loadout of MadCat MKII B.
- Changed weapon loadouts of Atlas A, B, and C
- Increased point requirements for every rank.
- Increased CBill rewards for damage.
- Increased rewards for killing Battle Armor.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed several crashes.
- Fixed bug where NARC and TAG gave extremely large rewards.
- Fixed bug where your rank and cbills were not saved after reconnecting.
- Fixed bug that allowed tanks to greatly increase their speed.
- Fixed being able to fire some weapons while shutdown.
- Fixed LBX being able to reload a shot higher than max.
- Fixed bug where shooting pulse lasers into the sky would cause much higher heat than normal.
- Fixed bug where pulse lasers could shoot multiple bursts at a time.
- Missiles no longer explode on contact with water.
- Mechs no longer play their fall animation for short falls.
- Fixed turrets firing randomly after firing once.
- Aerospace can now buy SRM ammo.
- Mechs no longer shutdown after the pilots ejects.
- Brake now works on vehicles with ramping throttle.
- Fixed some of the arm parts on the Shadowcat not falling off.
- Fixed bug where a mech's shutdown sound would loop.
- Fixed PPC third person effect.
- Fixed player name display in the target box.
- Fixed TAG graphic display at certain distances.
- Ammo display now hides empty ammo types.
- Fixed ammo count displays in buy menu.
- Removed some of the console debug messages.

New Features
- Aerospace equipped with fire bombs now have a bomb sight to assist in aiming.
- Added Aerospace altimeter.
- Added new C3 equipment, which allows a mech to upload their radar data to friendlies within a certain radius. Available on the Raven and Cougar.
- New radar icons for turrets and Battle Armor.
- Friendlies and detected radar entities are displayed on the overview minimap.
- Added a random chance for parts to blow off when a mech or vehicle explodes.
- Kills, deaths, and score are now tracked if you disconnect and reconnect during the same game.

- Reduced server network and cpu usage, especially during large fights.
- Heavily optimized usage of sound channels.


sounds good^^

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Are you guys going to make it so you can still walk (albeit slower) on one leg?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You can walk with one leg damaged, but once it's destroyed you can't. It wouldn't make sense to be able to walk if your leg was crippled.

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Thank you guys! :D This mod is the best Mechwarrior game EVER!

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I love the way this mod looks and the ppl following it but the buggy release really kind of killed this mod for me. Going to give the installation a go again and hopefully I will change my mind

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Hmmm first video , owens vs a Awesome(and friends)? eek! Second video I noticed, heavy gauss has no recoil currently? Evil.

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Heavy Gauss as of latest patch though does have a drop off after 300m (that video was done before latest patch).

Also heavy recoil isn't something that really "happens" with heavy tank/mech platforms as they are large enough, heavy enough, and designed in a way that it wouldn't affect the aim (this is true for many IRL tanks too). Especially taking into consideration that a gauss rifle IRL would have no recoil at all: it's a weapon that works via superheated plasma and magnetic propulsion. Recoil happens when you shoot using explosives (like in a traditional gun/cannon).

Being that MWLL has a strong focus on tank-mech "sim-like" combat, the only unit in the game who operates like a traditional FPS are the Battle Armor.

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I think he was aluding to Battletech. the heavy gauss rifle gives you a chance of falling over if you fire it unbraced, it's one of its game-balancing factors. I'm sure they found a balance compromise. It might do less damage in MWLL. Your thoughts about recoil not effecting tanks isn't exactly true: a Striker MGS for example can't fire to the side without tipping over; but it is also irrelevant since this is a fun game, not a simulation. :)

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Actually, recoil affects everything - it's due to Newton's third law. As the gauss rifle exerts a force on the projectile through magnetic fields, the projectile exerts the exact same force back on the rifle. In fact as it happens it's much easier to make an explosively propelled weapon recoil-less since the explosive doesn't need to act 'against' the weapon itself (you could make the barrel open at the back), whereas it's the gauss rifle itself which propels the slug.

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Freakin awesome! Downloading... :3

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grah I want this. But I can't even play Crysis on its own!

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Whoa so complicated.

But it sounds like fun once things get going. This is why PC gaming's great.

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