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TehBoss describes the map Oosterbeek, and ways to win as both Germans and Canadians!

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Oosterbeek is roughly a medium sized map. Lots of open action, especially in armor. The paratrooper drop point for the Canadians is in between Utrectseweg, and the Church. As the Canadians, I suggest loading up in one of the 3 Lynx's at the drop zone and moving fast to secure Utrectseweg. The Church will probably be taken by the main advance from the Beachheads on the Rhine. However, there is a problem on the "West Beach". The West Beach, in-game called Westerbouing, is defended by 4 MG42's, and a Wespe. 2 MG42's direcly defend the west beach, and the 2 others defend the eastern flanks. I'd suggest getting right into a LCVP and making a crazy dash to capture Westerbouing as quick as possible. If it isnt secured by the time the main assault on Oosterbeek begins, then you could have some serious flanking issues.

Now for the German strategy:

At the begining, I'd reccomend starting in Oosterbeek so you can bring in Panzer IVs to support friendlies at Utrectseweg and Westerbouing, If possible, start at the Church, it makes a good snipers nest, and if held for a considerable amount of time, you could begin improvised Guerilla warfare on the Canadian flanks. Okay, you may seem invincible, but it reality, that's only if you use your 2 panzers and tiger all simultaneously. Even though that seems cooler, I'd keep the Tiger back in Oosterbeek at all times, I'd send a Panzer IV to Utrectseweg, and another to Westerbouing if they need it. If not, and if the Church is still held, send a Panzer to help them. You also start with a bunch of light vehicles, Kettengrads, Hanomags, and Kubelwagens. Use Kubelwagens to quickly take areas, and use the Kettengrads to patrol the entire Utrectseweg (The main road). That means constantly scanning up and down Utrectseweg in case of any Canadian attack.

There are many control points on Oosterbeek:

- Utrectseweg
- East Oosterbeek
- West Oosterbeek
- Church
- Beachhead
- Harbor
- and Westerbouwing

Harbor is an untakable Canadian starting point.

Beachhead is EXTREMELY usefull to the Canadians, without it, they'd have no Sherman and Sexton.

Oosterbeek spawns 2 Panzer IV's, 2 Kettengrads, 2 Hanomags, and 1 Tiger.
Utrectseweg spawns 3 Kubelwagens, and 1 Kettengrad
Westerbouwing spawns 1 Hanomag, 1 Kubelwagen, and 1 Wespe
Church spawns 1 Kubelwagen
Beachhead spwans 1 M3A1, 1 Lynx, 1 Sherman, and 1 Sexton
Harbor spawns 4 LCVPs
Drop-Zone spawns 3 Lynx's

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