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Trempler deleted more pictures than he originally planned while the team is welcoming two new members ! We're also looking after a character designer !

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Oh good day everyone !

A few of our most active viewers probably noticed it: A lot of the screenshots of our mod dissapeard. Worry not, this is not a bad sign. Trempler goofed while he fought with the old medias of "HL: Migraine" (Which was the old title of our mod) and he deleted more pictures than expected. We will repost the most interesting stuff here as soon as possible !

Also, I'm glad to announce you we've welcomed two new members to the family: Alec who's going to work on the mod soundtrack and help me with the story. And Xjiro, who's going to help with all the coding !

At last, I would like to inform you that I'm still actively looking after a 3D Character Artist ! So if by any luck, one of you is interested by the job, please feel free to send me a personal message with a few information about you and a few samples of your work !

Have a nice day and thank you for following our project !

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