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Edgar was stolen by a marching band. A drum corps, even, you could say. From mid July through to the end of September, he was made to march for his life. As such, they've only just returned him at the start of October, his brain constantly playing 'Paint It Black' like a broken record. That's what drum corps does to you. On the plus, his lips are strong enough to type out this update at long last, so here it is. Yes. Lips. He plays a trumpet.

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Welcome to a belated update! With Edgar having been busy with band and Lee having gone on a work-related course for about the same amount of time, work on Dark Matter slowed significantly. Life can get in the way, sometimes. And one of the most pleasant things to have returned to is your support. No, really. We've had floods of people liking and supporting the project, recently, and a few in particular have really helped us in these final stages of Episode 1 of the game, or future episodes in fact.
The first are the new voice actors after a very supportive audition run. Many people auditioned and one particular character had just about everyone audition for him. In chronological order of the game's appearance, we have Jacob West as Foltix, Samiain as Max, Holly Lindin as Helen Ravenstar, Craig Gallifer as Grogsam, Cheryl as Rizumu, Luka as Don Lucio, Moscher as Tom and Ashely Stewart as Razz! Particular kudos goes out to Holly Lindin, who is helping out with some of the music (they're beautiful tracks, trust me). We've also had some lines from smaller parts here and there, which are always a wonderful help, so thank you everyone!
And lastly, V.Len, the game's main villain (funny, that) has now been visually designed... and will soon need a voice. I think this is a good time to say anyone who auditioned for Razz and didn't get the part, may want to try out for V.Len, but anything goes for him.
Now for the most recent game progression:
•Lee has written contacted all the lovely voice guys and got lots of lines from them.
•We've had V.Len drawn and coloured for game use by, incidentally, Ashley Stewart, who also plays the amazingly sinister and crazy Razz.
•Holly Lindin has given us an atmospherically beautiful piece of music for Episode 2.
•Manon Jeneret has handed in more Lione lines, lots more in fact.
•The Sea of Seals planet script is in heavy work to get written up. This one's as long as the Biorhythm planet story, which is currently the longest in the game.
•The Nexus Part 3 script has been written up and finished, ready for the future. This is the end of the game. After Sea of Seals, we just need Transendence Alliance in Episode 2.
•A lot of the game has been touched up and smoothed out thanks to publisher Jon Bon's contribution after playing the start (Nexus Part 1).
•A new Tactics Battle script is being implemented so we can avoid the seemingly unfixable error with our current Tactics Battle script (for use in space fights only. Yes. Space fights).
•The first cutscene has been added, in comic-strip style, with audio. Animation was no go.
Update conclusion :
This weekend gone has been very productive. It's only just starting, though. Now that Lee and Edgar are back in business from their soul stealing trips, game production will speed ahead for Episode 1's release before the year is out. Are you excite bike? 'Cause we know we are!
- Lee and Edgar

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