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If you are unsure about bots read here for clarification

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Most people who've actually played infected before know this, modern warfare 3 has an infected gametype, which is literally exactly what this mod is based off of. AI gametype would not function, because it just doesn't make sense , you are given a gun at the beginning, if you get knifed, you become infected, you have to tactically knife the survivors so they become infected. BOTS ARE NOT TACTICAL THEY ARE PROGRAMMED.

Simply put, it would become bots lagging towards you with a knife, and if you're in a spot above the ground they'd start glitching under you, they won't use throwing knvies properly, or tactical insertions properly, because this is a multiplayer gametype and it won't function properly with AI or just get boring really quickly if I were to make them just walk towards you, but there isn't any fun in that.

The bots used in my pictures are not multiplayer bots, they are testclient bots, bots used to test out mod functionality, they won't shoot you, run towards you, kill you, or properly navigate through the map, they are retard bots.

To use test bots:

1: Open CoD4 (dont start map)

2: type into console seta scr_testclients 0

3: Go into Infected mod and start infected on a map

4: when the map is loaded type into console /scr_testclients "number" (without quotations " ")


This really looks like alot of fun, Let me know next time you hold a server open as I'd love to play this!

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thanks, man. i just wanna let you know i've been trying to figure this out since i have a broken copy of the game and i can't connect to any server

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