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An update about the in-progress testing taking place on the mod Discord channel, highlighting the efforts of a member of the project for his contributions in creating videos.

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Hello all! It's been a while, it's SMxReaver back with another update about the ongoing development of patch 2.2. This has grown to become quite the patch, originally designed to be an end of life update but now breathing new content and vitality into the project. Today I'm going to spread some more great information about joining us in our small community in getting to test the new beta builds, as well as highlight a mod tester's awesome gameplay videos!

Final War 2.2 Beta Testing Program

As a long-time fan of the open ended development of mod projects, I've always tried to make sure Final War has been available in the mod's Discord in various beta states. This allows the people most interested to get involved in the discussions, game play tests, and early previews that often fill the Discord from time to time.
We mostly don't bite or smell!

There's no real requirement to join us, only that you're polite and get along fairly with everyone else. The mod gets semi-frequent updates in Discord currently, and is a direct pipeline to hear about concepts for the mod or in-development content feedback.

Member spotlight: A1theend0ftime

I wanted to take time out to give a big shout-out to A1theend0ftime. One of the mod testers who has contributed great feedback towards development, they are also active in playing PvP games and records them. Showcased below are a couple of the Final War videos, I suggest everyone subscribe to their channel to show support for this great endeavor.

Remnant Rule! - (FFA) CNC: Final War r3.5 (c&c red alert 2)

A1theend0ftime's YouTube channel, like and subscribe!

In addition to making videos, they have also created a work-in-progress comprehensive guide to accompany Final War, offering experience in the game translated into a working document that tries to cover everything in FW. It's quite an undertaking, and it's sure to be of a great help to everyone. You can find the guide by clicking on this link to access the Google Doc spreadsheet.

That's all I have for the update today. Continue enjoying your mod and thank you once again for your support! This has been quite the roller coaster of a ride for everyone this year I'm sure, and I just wanted to express extra thanks for the praise and enjoyment everyone gets out of the project. I'll keep raising the bar, one update at a time. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

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