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Speed Booster Jumps, floating islands, super snow cannons and lots and lots of blood!!

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Last Christmas, Carried Away was little more than a prototype. Our small team had never released a game before and one of us still had a ‘real’ job. It’s been an incredible year of learning, developing and meeting new people. We’re extremely proud that we have been able to reach millions of gamers around the world and provide enjoyment through watching or playing our Carried Away.

We’re celebrating the end of this first year by releasing a Christmas update! We have added some beautiful festive cheer to the snowy valleys of Carried Away… but we decided to mix things up by adding additional gore which leaves a persistent trail of where the skiers ate snow (inspired by Super Meat Boy).

Other than a festive bloodbath, the we wanted a way to add extra variety to the challenges in Carried Away and we have done this in the form of floating islands. Floating islands can act as obstacles, create new mountain shapes, and are a powerful tool for allowing puzzles to have multiple solutions. We think that this will let you come up with more creative ways to get the skiers up the hill!

floating island banner

To help you navigate between the floating islands, our engineers have been busy crafting a completely new speed boosting jump piece. This acts like a jump, but has an adjustable speed slider, great for helping skiers on those slightly uphill sections that doesn’t quite warrant a lift. But more importantly, they can be used to hurl skiers extra distance… who wouldn’t want to do that?

Finally, we thought what’s the point if of having floating islands, if skiers couldn’t get on top of them in the most dangerous fashion. Snow cannons can now be placed and aimed, and adjusted to give skiers that extra bit of thrust when required.
Next month we will work on a few quality of life improvements:

  • World map
  • Building tools such as line tracing and continuous building
  • Cloud saves
  • Multiple profiles on the same computer
  • God mode in sandbox

Be sure to join us on Discord or Reddit, we are always looking for people to get involved with testing and to keep us entertained while we're working on the next patch!

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