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With a whole year on ModDB, ToasterOverlord (that's me), reveals a little bit more about his Pokemon game. (Title yet to be released)

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Hey all! This is my first post for Pwnerz, and I figured that no one (from Pwnerz) would notice that we are now one year so far on ModDB. I decided to give a brief rundown of the situation as no one is doing anything, and also thank anyone that even reads this. (Hopefully this second year will yield something enjoyable. And hopefully that would be my game. If it gets finished.)

Currently most of our members are inactive. Everyone gets on once in a while, and our founder, sixthhokage1, updates a little. But nothing gets finished, so I wanted to let anyone know that with a year on this site and nothing to say for it, there is a reason. I am doing my best on my own to get my game done, and hopefully Darkshadow or the sixth are working. On something. (And I for one know that Darkshodow is not doing anything, but I don't see the sixth anymore, so I can't be too sure.)

Without further ado, I'll let in on some more info. My game is a pokemon parody made in RPGMXP, and yes I am fully aware that there are enough of these. However, as some of them are of not exactly stellar quality, I wanted to release something that had quite a bit of time spent on it. That was two years ago. Now my game is sitting somewhere about 12% finished and still will take a lot of time to finish, since I am doing everything on my own. (With my sister contributing, she does the Pokemon designs.) However, whether my game is finished or not, I will launch the site for it in June. The site has been around for a year now, and hopefully by the time I release it, there will be something to see.

Anyways, Darkshadow already posted some of the info on it in a previous post. (Or I should say, the previous post.) And the player characters are in the system, along with almost on third of the maps. The designs for the characters, rival, team, and region will be on the site by its release, so look for it!

Once again, this is my first post, so pardon if it's not that well written; there really was nothing to say. But hey, thanks!

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