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OTS is a lightning paced,simple yet extremely difficult game, featuring unique visuals coupled with an amazing soundtrack.

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OTS is now available on itch click here

About the game

The objective

The objective of ots is to make it to the end of a track.



Moving at lightning pace ots allows you to control the momentum and angles of your jumps,this adds significantly to the difficulty.

Sudden direction changes,flying projectiles,moving platforms,clouds raining spikes,falling boulders,will have you performing several disorienting maneuvers.

With an unforgiving difficulty the game demands with quick reflexes,perfectly executed landings aren't easy.



Each stage possesses a unique & addictive soundtrack that represents it's difficulty.

Over 12 of them spanning different different genres including dubstep,electro,reggae and more.


There's no easy mode,you can't even pause the game.

otr 01


ot fr07

Enjoy respawning!

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