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I think, i can introduce you one part from the New Canon story.

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"You will never be winner," Epiphanes whispered softly, grimacing in an evil grin. "We have allies .... Of other civilizations ... I sent messengers .... They will warn. And the allies will help us.. They will come here with the army .... and kill your soul.
- For the name of Darkness! - "The Cerberum replied abruptly." - They will not do anything to me! All your technologies are far from mine .... Not even that they will soon collapse ... They vainly believe that I'm just another ordinary person who wants to conquer the universe ...... No one knows who I am !! And I'll find the Source....! I will find ... The Source of Atahualp .... And I will free his strength! And you will tell me where he is! You know it! Tell me... Now!"

Kerberum The Chaotic spoke already not at all with a friendly voice or even mocking. A monstrous flame of rage burst from his lips. This monster did not tolerate when he was reprimanded. The incredible ego of the essence simply escaped from its interior. Now he looked like an insulted ancient king.
He once again saw with his flaming eyes to the unhappy Epiphanes. And then he turned his gaze towards the knights standing next to him. Undead servants immediately bowed to the master. Necromancers have long laid in them respect and fear of the master. And now they were like slaves who considered their master to be a living God, absolute and godlike creature.
"Take him to the lower level!" - commanded Kerberum, referring to the undead servants, - Let Azarrmerdoht draw from him the truth .... Maybe then he will tell us the truth! In the terrible agony ..... Soon... all humans will transform to my servantts... All humans of this universe".


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