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A look into our special brand of voice acting in our game, what it is that makes us passionate about it.

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In the Nascent, we are going with a whole theme of Tabletop rpgs. This carries through in every part of our game. From the art direction, and voice acting, even the buttons and gui(especially the gui). One of the things we're proud of is our wonderful narrator. The Narrator is the voice of every character in the game from the little old ladies to the shopkeeps.

Since we only want one(two at most) voice actors for this game, we needed to think about what to do with a lot of our music. The Nascent takes place in a rather large fantasy Aetherpunk setting. There will be a fair share of taverns and big crowds that need voicing. What is a tavern without a song or a crowd without a rabble? For that matter a church without a choir?

Thanks to modern technology and the skill of our awesome voice actor, all these things are totally doable now with one person. A filter here or there, and it turns out pretty great. The greatest of memories in tabletops are of the Narrator being the kids and stuff, and now with one guy being a trio of drunken tavern singers it really allows us to stick to our dream. Any tabletop player knows the fun of having their Narrator/Game Master etc having to come up with new voices because you insist on talking to every child you see. The feeling of improv, and home style friendliness is one of the pillars of our game.

check out a couple of examples here;


(Tavern song)

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