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Four Realms is fast approaching it's Greenlight and Kickstarter launch! One more week and you can try the game! Then support it if you like it!

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Where's Four Realms

One more week and Four Realms is on Greenlight and Kickstarter! It's been a ton of work to get here, but soon you'll be able to try the game and see a great new trailer! I hope you all enjoy it.

But the build up is intense for me, making a game is so much work. And this scary timer on IndieDB makes it seem so ominous.


Join the kick off party on Facebook if you want to support the game from day one.

Teaser Trailer

To help get everybody pumped I put together a little teaser trailer to show off some cool shots from the game and hint at what the full game will look like. (OK OK so it let me reuse some unused shots & music from the trailer.)

I had a little snafu this morning uploading the wrong teaser trailer! Ooops! I'll blame the exhaustion.

"How to Play" Video

I've also put together a "How to Play" video to help introduce people to the unique core mechanics in Four Realms. I'm starting to get the hang of this video editing thing.

It's an exciting and frightening time for me. I hope you all like the game! As always, all feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcome!


Invisibility in Action!

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