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This walkthrough has been done by Simone Schembri. It provides the completely new look for mod's locations and events...

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This walkthrough was recorded by Simone Schembri. It introduces a completely new look at the locations and events of the mod. As a very accomplished player, Simone created a fast and dynamic path throughout the plot using (we figured out) some cool custom weapons.

During the walkthrough, we discovered some bugs and problems with the balance, which were fixed in the current version of the mod. Therefore, we’re extremely grateful to Simone Schembri for this exciting video!

Warning: some sounds in this video aren’t original (they seem to have been replaced by files from HL1). Therefore, there are places with a noisy and annoying atmosphere. This is not the case in the original assembly of the mod. It doesn’t hurt the rest of the video though.

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