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Made some good progress. Also further explination of developments.

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There's been some good progress in development. Readers might not have noticed it this game isn't so popular. Anyway back to the game I've fixed many sprites. Took only about an hour but for me it seemed to be ages. Look at the recent images posted; you can see there are glowing molecules. In fact all of them were glowing molecules. That just confused the lights out me but that was what the game was meant to do: confuse the player and make it challenging. However that took out the KISS from the game so I have down-graded the sprites so only important molecules glow.

I've introduced very small white 'dots'. They cause no harm and give a good background (because they move). They might be the extra detail I was looking for. Still the main menu seems dull and I'll be looking for ambient drawings to fill it up.

I've also faced some issues with programming. Game maker is a simple and moderately powerful tool and it didn't let me down. I did. I didn't organize the objects and how they should work and in the end most 'control' instances were duplicated causing some serious memory waste. Nonetheless I've fixed it. It seems two different objects just kept creating the same instances (about 100 times)... and that was my fault.


For me the holidays are nearly up and I'll have to go back to weekend development. If readers are very keen on this game maybe I'll post dot dodger (former an old game of Molecule) for download, to give some idea of how Molecule would be like. I'd like to thank the community that visit this page... to me it's an encouragement.


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