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After 1 month of development there has been a great amount of progress. 9 more members recruited, design treatment being finished off, ideas put into action and hard work being put into the project!

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One month and two days ago was when this project officially started development. When my ideas were documented into a design treatment and when I started recruiting team members. During this month concept art was drawn and sent, ideas were documented, the script of the game was started, sound effects were recorded and sent and prototypes for assets in the game were created!

Edward, a loyal member who was with me since the beginning of the official development has put in considerable effort to provide nicely drawn concept art. Though not much is revealed, he has a lot more cool pics up his sleeve!

Paul, an experienced Sound Designer sent me some of his sounds he made after I sent him the sound list and I was completely blown away. After some honest criticism the sounds were improved a bit more, and I put in more sounds for him to record. Thankfully he likes me giving him more sounds as it will help him get experience and ensure he will get an official job in the industry as a Sound Designer!

From the first minute of our Skype conversation, OrangeeZ already started working on a prototype for player movement! Already he has programmed the 3rd Person camera and is nearly done with player movement. He is soon going to work on assets like Spray Cans and special events like grinding and wall riding. His dedication to working and producing content on time makes him an outstanding team member.
Chameleonred, out level designer gave me more ideas for the Game Design and also is currently designing the levels. After doing bird's eye view maps he will be using 3D Max to create the levels in 3D for mappers to use for reference. He is even offering to make the levels themselves using unity.

The other team members, Ste_Rhodes , Louie, Jakeh11, Aceindahole4ya and mavjarro are also working hard producing content for the game. It's just a matter of time before I am able to view their creations.

All in all I am impressed with my new team, some members even decided to buy JSRF just to use it as a reference! Now THATS dedication! With time passing by and more things getting done, I am confident that this project will go on smoothly. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the project and watching the Indie DB page. Take care!

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