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Found that by adding one simple feature the feel of this challenging space arcade game has improved

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The idea behind Rocketeroid is simple - navigate around an asteroid field in various game modes trying to collect the crates as fast as possible.

The asteroid field isn't big but originally you would have to carefully fly around searching out the crates.

Searching for the crates did take time....but not anymore.

In the expanded version of Rocketeroid - Super Rocketeroid, there is now a slightly transparent navigation arrow that points to the nearest crate.

The game suddenly feels like it's more of a race requiring skill and speed instead of a careful search that requires caution.

I am thinking about removing the navigation arrow for the game mode 'Collect 10' so it remains more of a treasure hunt mode, will see how this works out with more testing. ('Collect 10' is the game mode where 10 crates are randomly hidden in the asteroid field and you're timed on how fast you can find and collect them).

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