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New images added, some questions answered, and a progress update.

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I was recently asked if - ‘all you do is walk around and click on things?’Well, no, and um… no…

  • I think some people I showed a demo of this to may have got the wrong idea about it.
    To this end I’I've added a couple of demo image files showing early Character Atlas graphics. One shows some of Summer’s movements, the other shows some ancillary characters and background animation graphics.
    -NOTE: The current graphics have already changes from these in some cases, and will in all likelihood be further tweaked and/or added to before the full game release.
  • The user-interface isn’isn't mouse driven. It can be played ether by a keyboard or joy-pad, with buttons for things like ‘Look,’ ‘Action,’ and ‘Jump’ – Possibly one or two more to follow, but I don’t want to over complicate it.
  • I’ve recently been working on some of the objects and possible actions within the game, some of which will eventually include animations for events (like the phone ringing).
    I’m also looking at the timing and scoring aspects, and may release a very small demo (possibly just the starting house) sometime after Christmas - if I have time to do enough to the main game, then make a demo, by then.
    I’d be interested in anyone’s views on this project, as I’I'm aiming for it to be a bit of a departure from what has been done in side-scrolling graphical adventures before.
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