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Votes, unpleasant offers, wrong time, being frustrated and demoralized.

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About 24 hours after Greenlight publication has passed. I got in this time 105 up votes and 249 downvotes, some unpleasant offers and a bit of sadness. My english isn't good and thoughts a want to tell isn't simple, so, it could be unredable.

I never thought my game - it is something special or outstanding. And i totally understand why votes ratio is about 1/3. Especially now, when the perception of Greenlight in majority is negative. But the first thing I didn't realise before today was how many people like me hurry to publish their games, to use their last chance before Steam Direct. My game dissapeared from the first page in less then a 24 hours. The second was how incredible strong the fall of votes amount will be. It is actually a zero. It's not a zero votes, its almost zero visitors (during the article writing the amount of visitors and upvotes increased by 1).

The third was unpleasant offers i get almost immediately after publishing. Of course the subject was one for all offers, it was about bying votes. Before this a thought like "hey, there is a lot of few-days made steamcard games passed Greenlight, if they did - I, with trying to make a complete normal game, can did it too!" Now i understand how stupid it was. Feeling i get from all of this was a combination of disappointment, general injustice (not injustice against me, didn't notice that kind, but injustice of all system, when someone can break the rules, pay money and succeded without any problems) and sadness of cource.

In conclusion I want to say that i was never a self-confident man and i know what I'm doing isn't impressive, but i've always had a weakness for hope. But it seems like (the other thing i didn't thought about and it was stupid too) that indie developer must be equally a developer and a marketer (wich I'm totally not). May be this is good, a lot of people will say Greenlight death is good and it seems like they right, from their point of view at least.

If someone want to help me get through Greenlight - I will be very grateful, and i already am. Thanks all of you who already upvoted, words (my lexicon at least) can't describe all good feelings i feel about you.

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