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The NNM/PDM Unequal Treaty/Treaty Port system creates some problems. Mainly, you can't have more than one Treaty Port in the same state, it's not really modular and it only applies to China. I also needed to temporarily cede provinces to China and I had to make the Qing inherit them to fix the states targeted by the treaties turning colonial. Because of that, I went on to change the treaty port system in something more modular. Also, the new patch and its changelog are just here.

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Since the NNM/PDM treaty port system is still giving some problems, and I have a necessity to partially expand it, I decide to scrap it and do a system of my own. The Treaty Port will now be acquired under a CB called Punitive Expedition that you can fabricate against uncivilized nations. The CB initially only forces the target to pay war reparations, but after peace the rest kicks in.

New CB

Under the new system, once the enemy is beaten, you have 30 days to select a treaty port from the defeated party. All available ports will spring to the decisions screen, you pick one and the options go away. The war reparations stuff also solves another problem - in the old system, money materialized from thin air. The peacing country got a lump sum of 100K and China got -100K. But since they can't run in the red, the game just sets them back to 0. So if they had 1000£ saved and lost 100K, they only lost the 1K and the rest, 99000£, was forgiven by the game. Since the AI doesn't save money, it meant the game was constantly generating money out of thin air and the unequal treaties didn't cost almost anything for China.

In the new system, the money will naturally flow from China to the GPs and they will have a 5 year strain on their spending rather than generating money once and that's it.

Picking a Treaty Port

Since the system is more modular, I also added other countries to it. You can demand Ifni from Morocco and Qeshm from Persia the same way, though reparations you will get will be considerable lower.

The possible Treaty Ports in China are 12 as of now, including Macao and Taiwan (which needs revolution and counterrevolution to show unless your capital is in Asia). There is a treaty port in Morocco (Ifni), one in Persia (Qeshm), two in Oman (Gwadar and Zanzibar), one in Yemen (socotra) and one in Korea (Cheju).
If there is no Treaty Port, you will get the reparations and that's it. The CB disappears once all treaty ports are taken from a nation.

To compensate for all this though, you can no longer take state with over 600K pops in China. Not until you research mass politics.

Maintaining control over such a large colonial population with a porous border and a government hostile to you right besides wouldn't be possible until way later. You can't blob in China for manpower anymore, but you can squeeze the Chinese for money.

Some treaty ports like Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao also turn to precious metal - to represent the huge profits trade brought to these cities. But that's not new.

Anyway, there are lot more changes for the next patch. More than 500 lines, one of my biggest changelogs, but the next update will take a long, long time as I need to finish IRL work. There are a lot of changes, and I didn't write about a lot of them because I suck at writing. The new terrain system is partially implemented, there are a lot of balance changes and I finish almost everything I needed to do related to terrain in South America.

Anyway, here's the changelog for the next version:


You should make one in Denmark for Ribe.

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arkhometha Author

Right now, treaty ports are limited to Uncivs.

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Thank you for taking your time to make HPM. It is way better than base game, and one of my tied-for-most-favorite mods, along with Ultimate. Oh, and one question: Is there a specific reason why the US stretches farther west in this mod than Rupert's land? In base game, Rupert's Land stretches farther west than the US.

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I don't understand why you can not take a state with over 600k pops in China, but you can do it in India.

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