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First News in 2010 and one further step to 3.1. Today we have some new models for you and a new nation to announce, or well to guess for you.

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At first some basic information, the Bf1918 Sunday Night Games have a renaissance since this weekend. So join us at 19:30 pm CET or UTC/GMT +1 hour.

The Server-IP:

Additional to that we want to announce that there will be a second
tournament 1918 soon. As the last tournament " Hell in the trenches" was a success. So if you always wanted to experience bf1918 with 64 players and tactic squad gameplay. Join the next tournament.

For technical support visit,, thats it enjoy the pictures!

More Equipment


The Mark VIII "Liberty" was a british-american tank who wasnt actually deployed to
the fields till the war ends. It will be a new secret weapond as the Menelejew.

The Flareguns can be used to call for outmap artillery and to mark positions for the artillery and charging soldiers.
They were coded by our new Coder HuiBui who made excellent advance in coding for the 3.1 .

Mark I 9.2 inch Howitzer

The "Diskushandgranate" is a contact grenade used by the german forces.

Skoda 75 mm

The Autocar was an armoured car built and used by the canadian forces.
We will have ingame two versions. One with two machine guns and
one as transport and support car.

The mountaingun Skoda 75 mm M 15 will give
our Austrian forces a new deadly weapon in their alps war against Italy .

You will find large pictures in the modd.db image section

Additional to that, we want to announce a new project

We created the "Adopt a model" program where freelancer can help the devteam with one model.
Today we show you the "Mark I 9.2 inch Howitzer" , who was the counterpart to the "Dicke-Bertha".
Just 12 of this beauties where built and deployed to battlefield. They were mostly used
in the battles of Somme and Paschendaele.

The Howitzer needs an unwrap and a texture, skilled freelancer can send an application to or

Update: It got already adopted by Thorsten, next news a new chance !

Last but not least we wont to show you the new nation who will join our forces in version 3.1.
For you a small preview to guess the nation!

If you dont know it or canĀ“t guess, here the spoiler:


So thats it! If you know something about bf42 coding or just want to help us.

The bf1918 Devteam is always looking for new members!

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