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Curved blocks, local area effects adjustments and resource demand for residential buildings adjusted.

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Work is underway on the upcoming version of the game.

Here are the items I am hoping to have added in:

2x3 police and fire department
Change resource demand and input goods for residential buildings
Crime should affect building value
Addition of UI to show size of area selected for zone placement
Fix for residential button partition issue
Conglomerate difficulty adjustments (not as angry)
Difficulty refinements (easy to hard)

Fix for thread not stopping on shutdown
Further adjustments to trade price elasticity
Permanent fix for connection issue in large cities
Update C, I and H local area effects

On top of this I'm also adding in a set of curved blocks (pictured below).

The 2x3 police and fire departments are intended to work as small neighborhood police and fire departments, so that you won't need to have large departments in sparsely populated areas. They will be fairly cheap, but won't offset crime and fire danger much.

I recently changed the local area effect values for residential buildings. I will be moving on with updating the values for commerce, industry and hotels as well. Additionally, I'm also reworking resource demands for residential buildings (power, water, food etc.).

I'm also adjusting difficulty settings a bit. One thing that will be added is that tax revenue will be higher on easy mode, on top of the economic boom/bust cycle being much nicer than on normal.

There are also some bugs that I'm hoping to iron out, the connection issue that occurs in large cities is one such bug. This has been duct taped to work, but a more permanent fix is needed.

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