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All of us, involved in the project, are overexcited! Hundreds... thousands of small details to take care of, every little obstacle must be overcome to accomplish our objective. Our goal is crystal clear: give birth to Perturbia as if it was a baby, and do it the best we can.This state of tension is carried over to the daily work resulting in the development of even more disturbing atmospheres, overly dynamic scenarios plenty of puzzles that will put the most clever player to the test. We are guided by our commitment to provide all of the competitors with the best user experience possible. We dare you to accept the challenge of crossing the doors of this sinister building!Three elements join forces to foreshadow Perturbia's outcome and we think this is the time to thank them.First to you, a member to this community that devotes time to reading our updates and follow up on the course of Perturbia's development, raising the bar of our expectations to higher standards by sharing your thoughts and comments.Secondly, to our tireless team that manages to turn the frightening sketches from our creative artists into the defiant settings loaded with mysterious puzzles of unfathomable limits. It is worth mentioning the role of our Concept Artist who, taking pride of his incredible skills is furnishing the different scenarios with awesome illustrations that set up the mood of Perturbia's plot.And third, a sincere recognition to a couple of interns in the field of Psychology that with great enthusiasm give us advice to make the story dreadfully frightening.Don't forget to check out the new screenshots!

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