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... of the release of Squad Level Tactics v171. All new startzones, fortified US encampments, a custom Ultimate AI mod for v1.0 and 1.3 beta of OFDR and the reemergence of campaign mode with a twist in the campaign progression make this the most complete Squad Level Tactics yet.

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It has been a while in the making and things have been moving rather slowly.... real life ya know. Not to fear though, there has been great progress in the game play of SLT thanks in large part to the Ultimate AI 2011 mod by TemplarGFX. While the mod has completely changed the situational awareness of the ai, it also changed parts of the detection system that almost completely removed the element of stealth from Squad Level Tactics. That being the case, I had to "mod the mod" so that it would work properly with the mechanics of SLT. The result is nothing short of breathtaking. The level of immersion is, well, I'd say awesome! You'll soon be able to see for yourself.

With a huge contribution in the way of a piece of code from HaywoodSlap on the OFDR forums, I've unlocked the ability to change the contents of the .xml files that drive the game content and store the information for the ego engine to render the content. With this, I've been able to create a campaign that goes where you go. When you are ready to retire one leg of a campaign at a base, you will begin the next leg where you ended and so on until you complete all of your objectives. More details will be available with the release.

That's all for now. I hope to post some images and new video along side the new release. i anticipate all of this within the next couple of weeks. Cheers!!

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