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Just how will Irrational Motive be released? Plus, some info on the game dialogues.

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Okay, in the summary I mentioned that game flow is broken up into Chapters and Segues - Chapters being comprised of overlying tasks and making it to the next Safe House and Segues being funky dream sequences with trippy allusions to the past and future. Simple concept. However, my focus with Irrational Motive is bring heavy narrative into the HL2 modding spectrum, so I have the idea to release IM episodically. Episodes will be comprised of one chapter and a respective segue. I want chapters to run 45 minutes minimum - not including dialogue sequences. As for segues, I want to shoot for 15 to 20 minutes of gameplay minimum. This will allow me to, obviously, get the game out sooner; however, my main reason for possibly doing this is to build up some good ol' narrative suspense and keep the players hooked.

As for some development news, today I wrote the first draft of the games opening dialogue. I'm to go back to it to try and shave it down a tad and set some more tone in the speech. So with that, I can say that I plan and really want to implement fully voiced dialogue. I'm going to be reaching out for some voice talent at the Voice Actors Alliance web forum soon. Hopefully I can get some good voice actors there!

On a side note, I'm going to be looking for a modeler/skinner/texture artist(s) to fulfill my need for a custom hand model. I will formally post a job page in a day or so with more details. Also, I plan to write up a hefty article to fill you all in on some of the back story and history of Irrational Motive's narrative.

Until next time, take care!

Michael DeLally/ThreeEyedShaman


I'll be waitin'.

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cool, but....allusions? mean illusions....
anyway, keep it up

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devoided Author

No, I meant allusions. The dreams will give hints and references to past and future events. Glad to see the interest in the project. Thanks guys!

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