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Reduced activity, but not dead. Just busy with other stuff (whether out of interest or because I have to).

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So yeah, my interest lately in Frontline Chaos has been decreased to a level that little progress has been made. The most important stuff to do are:
-models and textures
As you may know, models and texturing is something that takes a while for me to do, and it's the main reason I'm losing interest. Testing is also a major thing as playing against the AI only gives you some idea of how the mod is balanced. I need to gather a crew of testers, but for that I need free time and people who actually want to test this mod (in an unfinished state). Last, the AI is also annoying me. Compared to TS/RA2 AI (in which I can say I am experienced) this is something completely different, and also one of the most annoying things because if you frak this up, either the AI does nothing, or grinds your game to a halt because of the crappy GenZH pathfinding.

Besides this, I am also using a lot of my time for looking for a RL job, driving lessons and other activities that aren't related to Frontline Chaos. The biggest of these other activities is frakking around in Unity to get some more C# experience and just for fun. Maybe you'll see something of this side project around here some day.

All in all: don't expect many updates for the coming time. This doesn't mean that the mod is dead, as that would be a waste of the time I invested in it, but my interest is now pointed to some other stuff.

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