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Welcome to this year’s last update from the Online Modding Group. To make this a special one we have prepared several new releases for you, first details on Third Reich and we have some prizes we would like to give to you. So go ahead and read through the OMG! Christmas Update.

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With more than 2200 tracked players Crysis Wars EX is the most played Multiplayer modification for Crysis Wars. To support that the Online Modding Group is working on regular updates featuring new content and improvements.

Patch 1.1.1

After several small problems we are now able to present you a new patch for the last content update that updates EX to 1.1.1 and includes some new improvements combined with fixes for the existing problems.


  • Fixed Rapid Fire issue that appears when switching attachments too fast.
  • Fixed the different server crashes.
  • Advertisment now gets correctly displayed in the menu.
  • Fixed the z_credits command to show the correct credits for Crysis Wars EX 1.1.1.
  • Fixed spectator bug on respawing in TIA and TCH.
  • Fixed sound echo in first and 3rd person while shooting with MP5.
  • Fixed the different sounds in Blitz.
  • Fixed 3rd person sound bug with SPARC and MP5: when the guy is far away, the sound plays smooth now
  • Fixed QueueVoice Crytek bug in TIA/TCH


  • LAM-on-fly and Silencer-on-fly shortcut keys work now also for SOCOM, MP5 and AY.
  • Addition of new command allowing spawning additional weapons besides the SPARC Rifle in CH/TCH (z_ch_allowItems).
  • Updated Crysis Wars Extendend Server Options (ESO) to a newer version.


  • Changed (Team)CryticalHit Weapon abandoned time to 10

Crysis Wars ESO 1.0

Together with Crysis Wars EX we are updating Crysis Wars Extended Server Options (ESO) to version 1.0.
Server administrators are used to SSM nowadays and so far it was only possible to run either EX or SSM. Based on SSM Patriot by Rod-Serling & his team the Online Modding Group has developed a new server-side modification for Crysis Wars EX that solves this problem and allows server administrators to use their beloved features together with Crysis Wars EX. Changes applied since the last public beta version can be seen in bellows’ list.


  • Added ESO for the new game mode "BLITZ"
  • Addition of fun sounds that can be played by any player on a server using the chatcommand !sound "soundname".


  • Renamed PenaltyBox to BadZone
  • ESO commands now start with "eso_" instead of "ssm_"


  • Fixed Teamkill System
  • Several minor code fixes


Your Online Modding Group


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