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The first gameplay trailer for the multiplayer FPS Omega Extinction!

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Hey again everybody! This week I'm showing off the first gameplay trailer for Omega Extinction and would love to get your impressions/feedback! Check it out:

Omega Extinction is a 5-Player Asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, where 4 people team up as the "humans" to survive the onslaught of the other player "The Experiment".

The Experiment has many powers and abilities to aid him in killing the humans, including bridging (allows you to see humans through walls and go invisible) as well as disguising (transforms you into a perfect replica of a human).

The Humans use technology and equipment to their advantage, such as the psyshield (blocks the experiment's bridge vision and removes a disguise if he enters it), Door Jammer (temporarily seals a door shut), Spotter (highlights a visible OR invisible experiment for all to see), Mine (explodes when an experiment is near it or if it's shot) and Deployable Shield (deploys an impassable shield that stays until it is destroyed).

Once dead, humans also can take control of the cameras to look for and highlight the experiment.

Thanks so much for reading/watching!


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