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Southquarter was hacked back in 2011, and all the reviews users submitted over the years were lost. Now they are available again for your viewing pleasure.

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Old Southquarter FM Reviews

Southquarter was hacked back in 2011, and all the reviews users submitted over the years were lost. But recently I was able to recover most of them from The Wayback Machine, so I decided to post them here for reference/posterity.

Some are good, some are bad, and then there's a whole lot in between. Still fun to read though. Sorry for any grammatical or punctuation errors - some of that is due to the fact that reviews were not proof read back in the day, but some of it is also due to conversion and copy/pasting from The Wayback Machine. I may still edit them going forward.

If any authors don't want their reviews posted here at TTLG, just let me know and I'll remove them.


Table of Contents
(FM Title) (Reviewer Name)

Ack! There's A Zombie In My Basement! by Morrgan
The Affairs of Wizards by Dan7
Ashcourt by Renault
All Torc by Morrgan
The Ashen Age Part 1 by Bulgarian_Taffer
Elizabeth Bathory - Chapters 1 and 2 by TheImmortalThief
Bestest FM by Renault
Bestest FM 2: Fairground Attraction by Ganac
Bestest FM 3: In The Link Of An Eye by Ganac
Bestest FM 4: Wishy Washy! by Bulgarian_Taffer
The Blackhearts Recording by Renault
Bloodstone Prison by Morrgan
Broken Heart by Renault
Burglary in Blackbrook by Morrgan
The Cell Next Door by Morrgan
Chain of Events by Melan
Chronicle of the Metal Age: Chapter 1 - Clefts in the Hammer by russellmz
Citadel of Douro by Renault
Mr. Chuz by Morrgan
The Cistern by Weasel
The Curse by Weasel
Curse of the Hammerites by Renault
Darkness Falls: A Dire Venture by Spitter
Darkness Falls: The Royal Garmyth by Morrgan
Debt To Nate by Ganac
A Debt Repaid by Weasel
Deceptive Perception 2: Phantasmagoria by The Mike
The Deceptive Scepter by Username
Down We Go! by Username
Dracula Part 1: The Love Thief by Renault
Dracula Part 4: The Darkthrone by Renault
The Folly of Youth by Renault
Forgotten Forest 2 by Renault
Freedo Finds One by Renault
From Beneath The Sands by Renault
The Gallery by russellmz
Geller's Pride by Melan
A Guard Called Benny by russellmz
The Haunting by Ganac
Hedgerows & Hammerites by Morrgan
Heretics and Pagans by Renault
Hidden Agenda by Morrgan
The Hidden Stone by Renault
Hightowne Museum by Morrgan
In Dubio Pro Garrett by Renault
Jenivere De Ja Vu by russellmz
Karras Apartments by Renault
Keyhunt by Weasel
A Living Nightmare by Renault
Lost Souls by Snake
Mann Mansion by Renault
Mann Mansion by Username
Mission With No Name by Melan
Mystic Gems 1 - Unlucky Soul by Renault
A Night at the Theatre by Ganac
A Night In Rocksbourg 3: Ink and Dust by The Mike
The Night Watch by nicked
Ominous Bequest by nicked
Orthodox Wedding by Renault
The Power of Suggestion by Renault
The Quiet Heat by Renault
Raid on Washout Central by Dan7
Reflections by Renault
Rowena's Curse by nicked
Saints and Thieves by dlw6
Saturio Returns Home by Morrgan
Secret Breaking of a Pyramid by Renault
The Seven Sisters by The Mike
A Shopping Stopover by nicked
Sir Lector Comes To Dine by Morrgan
The Sisterhood of Azura, Part 2 - The House by Renault
The Skygem Connection by Renault
Snobs Part 2 by Renault
Some Shopping by Renault
Squeeky's Secret by Ganac
SSDD: Tipping The Scales by TheImmortalThief
Swamped by Preno
Tears of Blood by Morrgan
A Thief's Holiday 2004 (WIP) by Ganac
Thief Noir by russellmz
THORK by Ganac
Through The Lookin' Glass by Renault
Torben - The Traitor by Sperry
Transitions in Chaos, Part 1: Conspiracies in the Dark by Renault
Transitions in Chaos, Part 1: Conspiracies in the Dark by Curunir
Treason and Plot by Renault
Turning The Tables by Sperry
Unfinished Business by Morrgan
Unfortunate Formulae by russellmz
Your Last Breath by Preno
Zombiekiller by Ganac

The following reviews existed, but I was unable to recover them (if anyone has them, please send them to me!):

Benny's Dead by Dan7
Hookshot Demo by Ganac
Rose Cottage by Dan7
The Secret Way by Sperry
The Seven Sisters by nicked
Trial By Night by Melan

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