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A link to the rest of my screen shots; as well as a quick little announcement.

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This is a link to an old screen shot gallery which contains the rest of my in-game screen shots as well as the current (un-finished [some parts from 2142 Zombie MOD are used as place holders for now but the new ones re nearly complete] menu).
I will eventually get around to adding more, but those will all be added to this page under the 'images' section.

So as for the announcement: This mod would greatly benefit for some custom made maps built just for it. I, myself, cannot map because the bf2 editor does not work with my computer.. (windows vista... fail.) so if anyone would like to create a map for the mod just talk to me via Xfire (Tofugamer) or leave a comment under this news post and i will get in contact with you. If your map works; it will get in the mod. ;) If you make a map for the mod you will:
1. Be featured in the credits in the mod description (Credits are currently being written and will be up within a day or two.)
2. Have your map in the mod
3. Be the first to recieve new releases and updates (before everyone else)

Please note: This is not a request for having part of the mod made for me. I am just giving the option out to have custom made maps in the mod. I already have maps in the mod and if nobody makes any maps the mod will still be active. The reward for making one is in place as a 'thank you' for the mappers. (This note was made to smooth out any confusion regarding the announcement.) Thank you.

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