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Re-posted. Let's take a look at all the new features in 0.2b!

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What's new in 0.2b?

There's actually a lot of things that are new in 0.2b.

New Textures

You will already see all the new textures that have been put into the game. These HD textures make the game look more realistic.

20170930220336 1

Portal Gun Model Change

The portal gun has been updated to a more HD version. (look at screenshot above)

Logo on Main Menu

We have added a logo to the main menu rather than plain text that plainly says "Portal".

The way it used to work in Portal (and other Source games by Valve)

The way it works is the text is not an image file or a VTF, but text. (obviously) It the gameinfo.txt file there is a line that says "title" and then "Portal". This is where it comes from.

Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Half-Life: Source all do not use an image file. They are actually just plain text too, but in a different font.

HL2EP2 & HL2EP2 use title2 in gameinfo.txt to make text show under the HL2.


game        "episodic"</p>
<p>title           "HALF-LIFE'"</p>
<p>title2         "====episode one===="

Font notes: ' - tiny 2

= (only in episode fonts) - straight line

Lowercase letters (only in episode fonts) - small capitals (for example "episode one" in the HL2EP1 and HL2EP2 font will look like EPISODE ONE but smaller.

PE uses a Valve Texture File (VTF)

With some converting, I was able to get it up on the main menu! Here's how I got it working.

20171005201016 1

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