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This is an old changelog for archival purposes. This version was released in 2014.

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+ Added "mp_falldamage_amount", the amount of health lost from falling if mp_falldamage is set to 0
+ Added a new command, "emp_eng_remove_walls", which will recycle all of an engineer's walls
+ Added briefing for emp_urbanchaos
+ Added new default server.cfg. This features many improvements over the old one.


* (RC3) Missing shotgun GUI icon when getting ammo from ammo box
* (RC3) Missing shotgun kill icons
* (RC3) BE rifleman can now use scoped rifle.
* Several exploits on emp_slaughtered resolved.
* Bio damage over time would prevent repair pads from repairing your tank
* Another crash bug.
* Some map briefing fixes
* Fixed shiny pipes in sewers of district.
* Resolved several console errors.


/ Added 4 additional pellets to shotgun shells
/ New version of emp_chain. (Better lighting, several buildings improved and other minor changes)
/ New version of emp_bush. (Minor optimisations and slightly less intense HDR)
/ Reduced health of jeeps (200->150), now dies in 4 ML turret hits instead of 5. Still survives 2 RPG/s mortars although is badly damaged.
/ Reduced cost of jeeps by 10 resources for both teams

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