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This is the article about Old and New Canon of my universe. (OC "Infinitas")

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Hey guys.

Now i initiated protocol "New Canon".

What it means?

It means , that i started to work with New Canon of my universe.

Now all old stories and old plots became the part of the Old Canon.

All old canon stories and groups will have this name - (OC "Infinitas").

New canon - is new future of my universe. I started to work with my world since zero.

Old canon is now not supported by me. You of course can read stories and comment it, and also even make fan stories about my old world. But i will work with only New Canon now.

My main Old Canon groups for now

Watch this groups and improve it. Old Canon is not supported by me, but its full created universe. So you can use it if you want. Just when you`re making your fan stories, don`t forget to write in Credits section my surname or nick.

New Canon have now only 1 group
closed group for now.

But when i`ll finish it, i of course will show it for you all.

Thanks for reviewing and reading my work there.

Regards Alex

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