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Should Fanatic Studios release Chapter III? You, the players, decide!

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Toodles, y'all,

Yesterday I checked the list of playthroughs Okoto Online Game had, just for old time's sake. And I realised that it's pushing the 1000 mark. This is a pretty big milestone, especially since I stopped marketing the game back around April.

Anyway, I'd like to do something for the fans, like I did at the other milestones. But 1000 plays is big, and it deserves a gesture of similar magnitude. So what I propose is this: Chapter III was ready to be released when my computer packed in. If 100 people vote for this to go through, I'm going to tweak and brush up the third chapter before releasing it onto the internet.

This will take a fair bit of time, time which I could be using to do actual work (which I get paid for), so that's why I'm using the voting system to see if enough people are interested. But yeah. 100 votes, and a whole new chapter of OOG to play through.

It's in your hands, guys [;)]

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