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We've launched the Closed Beta! If you pre-ordered Okhlos, check your mail!

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Good news everyone!

If you are one the lucky and wise ones to have pre-ordered Okhlos, you now have the chance to enter the closed beta and try the game before everyone else! You will have the opportunity to gaze upon unfinished marvels, buggy bosses and misspelled hero names but at the same time you will be able to give feedback on your favorite/least favorite aspects of the game, chip in ideas and help make the game even better!

How will I be able to do that, you say? If you pre-ordered the game, check your mail! All the instructions about how to get your key are there! If you DIDN’T receive the mail, let us know. Then, all of the beta participants will have access to a super secret forum where they can share all their thoughts, info and comments about the game! How cool is that?!

If you do join the beta, a little disclaimer. Please, keep in mind that the game is not finished yet. So expect to find bugs, lots of things to polish and a few missing content we have yet to add. Also, we are starting the beta with a Steam PC version. Our plan is to soon support Mac/Linux version too, but is being a little more challenging than expected so it may take us a few more days to launch those version.

Finally, if you haven’t pre-ordered the game, do not despair. Pre-orders are currently close, and it is very unlikely that we will open any new slots for the time being, but hang on a few more months. We are really close to announcing a launch date! Also the beta will definitely help us improve Okhlos in many ways so it will be worth the wait!

Now, to celebrate, here is a HUGE screen, showing over 200 units on screen (pure Chaos)!


And some GIF magic about this magic moment.


Keep in mind that this is a particularly big .Gif! It may take a while to load.


And here is the 1bit / Obra Dinn style render of the gif (I wanted to share the gif on twitter, and removing the color information really helps the compression!)

So, that’s all! If you pre-ordered the game, and want to try the game, check your mail!

frenchiveruti - - 372 comments

Good luck to all the beta testers!
(also, may I suggest uploading the GIF as a WebM? It loads WAY more faster, if indiedb has support for that of course)
PS: "[...] do not despair. Pre-orders are currently close" missed a d for closed :)

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CoffeePower Author
CoffeePower - - 45 comments

Thanks for spotting the typo!

I will look into WebM. Have no idea of what that is, but if its faster, definitely worth checking! Thanks for the suggestion!

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frenchiveruti - - 372 comments

Lo voy a poner en español.
WebM es un formato de video para páginas Web impulsado por google, para reducir (exponencialmente) el tráfico a causa de los GIF, no se si funcionará o no en IndieDB, pero acá hay un simple tutorial para convertir GIFs a WebM y asi ahorrarte muchos megas:

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