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This week, we close the year with the 2014 Okhlos highlights!!!1

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Hey! How’s that we are not writing about Atlantis? That will have to wait a little longer (as it happens with almost all things this time of the year). Instead, we wanted to share what we thought were the coolest moments of this year.

A huge thanks!

First of all, this year we were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received. By our supporters (fans is a such a strong word!) and our colleagues. We usually post all this stuff in three different places: our blog. TIG, which is an amazing forum for developers, and IndieDB. We got so many wonderful comments, helpful feedback and lots of cheers from these communities.

Also, lots of tweets, shares and a plethora of nice words from our friends. We really got the chance to see the best part of the industry this year.

Best of 2014

-We started our year with a full press coverage in RPS and Kotaku
-We had major HUD changes (and we are still making more!)
-We had our own take on prefab inception
-We had a good amount of Lets Play
-Gordon joined the team as our musician/sfx guy/Canadian friend
-We made things harder
-We now have a cool Trailer

-The trailer’s making of was featured in Gamasutra
-We turned down three different publishers offers! All of them included upfront money, so it was very difficult to say no! (and we didn’t write an update about it)
-We received private funding! And now we can eat! (and we didn’t write an update either)
-We added Sparta, Ephesos and Atlantis to Okhlos’ world roster!
-We went to a lot of events!
-The last part of the year, we worked very hard on improving the gameplay! (We are preparing an update about it!)
-We met and chat with Adam Saltsman and Rami Ismail (and they played Okhlos!)

So, in short, it was an amazing year for us, and we hope that 2015 will be even better. It will definitely be the year we release Okhlos, so at least, we can expect that we will live interesting times.

Thanks again for reading, and liking, and tweeting, and sharing the love!

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