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We quite possibly will be releasing an open alpha in the coming days.

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We've fixed the issue with server crashes (it was so amazingly simple it's embarrassing - we won't even bother telling you what the issue was...) and we are ready for an open alpha release.

Why alpha? Let me list the reasons...

-The HUD is yet to be beautified.
-The current options allow the player to play the mod in ways the mod isn't intended.
-Different versions (16 and 64) of the map are listed when they do not need to be listed.
-The deer models are not yet implemented in any way.
-The planned intro video detailing how to play (skip-able, of course) is not completed.
-Less as powerful machines will still encounter lag in certain areas of the map and may have to tone down their settings to play.
-The deer... may, on rare occasions, steal your ride.
-Map textures may appear (really) low res from afar.

BFHMod is a resource lover, we know, please bear with it (and us). Once you get used to the fps lag, you will be able to enjoy the raw feeling of tracking down deer.


-Previously unannounced, it IS indeed possible to play as deer, simply switch to the Chinese Team.

REMEMBER: The Trapper class should only be used once you have gotten to know the deer's patterns and common hang out area.

A video will be posted shortly.

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