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The Linux exclusive game with the working title Project Bossanova gets a new website with a FAQ and also Poll.

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The Linux exclusive – Yes! Linux exclusive! – game with the working title Project Bossanova gets a new website with a FAQ siite and also Poll.

Benjamin wrote: Hey everyone!
We haven't been resting on our laurels over the past few weeks since Project Bossanova
was announced. Instead, we have been working hard on a new website and
planning the project core, contacting many in the industry.

Aside from looking fantastic, the new website has
more details about the project (including an FAQ) and also allows for us
to run some polls. Currently, there is an active poll which you can
vote in to help us decide what genre game we should focus on creating.

By running polls and getting the community involved,
we hope you'll feel included in this project. Of course this isn't all
we're doing - this is simply the beginning and as time marches on, more
ways for you to help out will be revealed.

So head on over to the website by visiting and check it out!

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Humphrey
Director, OhsoProject Bossanova Core Team

On their website you can vote for your favorite genre. Choose wisely.

  • RPG
  • MMO
  • FPS
  • Other

Sadly this game will most likely be a closed source game, but nonetheless fantastic news for Linux gamers.

Also follow them on Twitter if you want to stay up-to-date. @projbossanova

About Ohso wrote: Ohso was founded in July 2010 by Joe Sneddon and Benjamin Humphrey, two tech-savvy entrepreneurs based in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

creates and implements ideas, capitalizing on the emerging free
software market. We run and develop numerous web blogs and create
applications and games mainly revolving around the Ubuntu platform.

Currently Ohso runs OMG! Ubuntu! - an Ubuntu news, opinion and tips site, OMG! SuSE! - an OpenSUSE news, opinion and tips site, and Ubuntu Gamer
- a website site focused on Ubuntu gaming. We are also working on
mobile applications, software for Ubuntu and other exciting "new-age"

Very recently we launched a new ambitious startup called Project Bossanova. You should go check it out.

You can follow Benjamin on Twitter here and Joe here.


I voted for RPG, as Linux has a bunch of FPS quake-forks and some MMOs are running native or via wine like WoW Guildwars or Ryzom,
but the only native RPG I know is FreedroidRpg, which is quite good, but we need defiantly more Rpgs!
And also RPGs are awesome! :D

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I voted for FPS because while Linux may have an abundance of them, most of them are showing their age. Plus, we're getting Dilogus pretty soon.

RPGs are indeed awesome. :D

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