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Nice of you to stop by this mod, I hope you've been enjoying yourself, commander.

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Take a seat, please do.

I've... I've... I don't know... I have a confession to make, commander. This whole mod's been something, of, well, I don't know what to call it. This whole mod has been, a...


Yes, a distraction, my foolish freind. You've completely fell for the easiest trick in the book, as you were fighting in blind skirmishes or cheating your way through a campaign, I've been doing my own projects. Gradually, I would release them out, the Pyro Lolscript, the demo truck, but this next one. Is better then all of that combined. I've gathered the the epicness of each of your matches, grouped them together, and I've created something that is unstoppable.

I honestly thought you all would've known, I feared for the worst after that last news post slipped right through my iron cage of secrecy, but, I guess it exploited its only fault. I don't know who did it, but he left you quite a clue with that picture. Peice it together, the signal was coming from right HERE. I cut it off before the message could be completed, but you could've completed the word if you had an IQ over 60. Anyways, that picture though, gave it all away. Don't you like nuts?

I don't like nuts, especially ones that taste a bit, nutty, but something got me about a certain nut. A,

conker nut. Any person who knows what a conker is could've analayzed the picture to be nothing more then a conker. So, my freinds, would you like a nut?

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