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Oh my god, 2015 is finally ending. This is weird.

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Oh my god, 2015 is finally ending.

This is a weird thing to be happening.

I literally started this mod in about early-to-mid 2011 and its still nowhere near being done. That's amazing, bad or good. I've restarted the project around 7 times are so (The current one is the one I'm keeping)

The first map from 2011

The original starting room from 2011

Since I've started this final version, I've been learning quite a lot about hammer and such - that was the main goal of this project for me; learn as much about hammer as I can for future things I plan to do for myself, or just for the sake of learning.

This mod may not have continued despite several failures if not for the help of the extremely kind and generous portal mapping community, such as Tmast98 and most of the Portal Stories: Mel development team, as well as people like Reepblue and Colossal (who also made the texture for Jesse)

Jesse's texture

The texture for Jesse, made by Colossal

As the mod currently stands, 10 maps have been 'completed'... They work, there's a puzzle, there's a beginning and end. I'm just currently going back and refining along the way -


There's currently 3 maps in the first chapter (Chapter? Maybe) and 7+ more to be made in the second, as well Chapter 2 coming to a close. The issue though, is when I finish Chapter 2 I'll have to start learning more about set pieces and scripted sequences...

And secure a voice actor.

This has been a rather huge issue since the beginning of the mod - a voice for MARTI is needed, but that raises another issue; what gender will MARTI's voice be? I've gone back and forth between heavily computerized male and a clearer yet still computerized female voice, but I'm just not sure. I think female is preferred.

On that note, Let's hope that 2016 was a year as prosperous for the mod as 2015 was!

(...and hopefully no 9+ month pause this time)

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