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The new version of OGS Mahjong has been released. As far as we can say, this is the last release of OGS Mahjong 1. We decided, that this is the best time for us to stop all work on this game. Right now, we’re working hard to bring you OGS Mahjong 2 and Shuan as soon as possible.

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Changes in OGS Mahjong 1.1

  • Online leaderboard
  • Hindi translation (thanks to Abhijeet Pokhriyal)
  • Also, we've fixed some crashes in linux version.

Supporter's Edition.

We've added a new edition of the game to the Desura. This version has exactly the same content as the deluxe version, but it's more expensive. You can buy it, if you want to support our work on OGS Mahjong 2 and Shuan. In addition, to the Deluxe version of OGS Mahjong 1, you'll get:

  • Deluxe versions of OGS Mahjong 2 and Shuan, when they will be ready.
  • Access to the OGS Mahjong 2 classic mode beta-testing, when it will begin.
  • Your name in the credits of OGS Mahjong 2 and Shuan (contact us if you want it).

About the future.

Right now, our team are working on two projects at the same time.

The first project is an arcade shooter game in a sci-fi style, named Shuan. We have received many snide comments that our first game lacks shooting and enemies, so we decided to fill the gap and make the game entirely about shooting the enemies.

The second project is OGS Mahjong 2. This game will receive the new rendering engine (with nice smooth shadows), the classic Chinese Mahjong mode for 4 players (online and local), MacOS support and many more interesting features, so stay tuned.

It may seem that splitting our attention on two projects is a bad thing to do, but we made this decision consciously and we're considering it as a right step on the way to our goal - the creation of a simple and convenient tool for game development.

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