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OGAT - Firefight free DLC release and Update r.82.0 - New Classes, New Weapons and Gadgets, Map improvements, New Autobalance.

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Of Guards and Thieves - "Firefight" Free DLC release and Update r.82.0

New Classes, New Weapons and Gadgets, Map improvements, New Autobalance.

Hi guys!
OGAT "Firefight" free DLC and Update r.82.0 are now available!
Of Guards and Thieves - Firefight includes a new set of classes, Merc for Thieves faction and Pyro for Guards faction, plus six new Weapons, two new Gadgets and 10 new unlockable levels. Of Guards and Thieves - Firefight Steam page

  • New Class: Merc (Thief)
  • New Class: Pyro (Guard)
  • 2 New Avatars: Merc and Pyro Avatars
  • New 10 unlockable levels (40 to 50)
  • New Weapon: Flamethrower
  • New Weapon: Explosive Pistol
  • New Weapon: Pump-Action Shotgun
  • New Weapon: Combat Knife
  • New Weapon: Firefighter Axe
  • New Weapon: Bone Saw
  • New Gadget: Electrified Barbed Wire
  • New Gadget: First Aid Spray

OGAT r.82.0 changelog

  • Map improvements: Mansion, Terrain and Grass remake
  • Map improvements: Police Department, Terrain and Grass remake
  • FIX: Missing sound for Meat Zombie healing touch
  • Improved Autobalance

Stats and Equipment
- Codename: Merc
- HP: 68
- Base Speed: 4.6
- Primary Weapon: Pump-Action Shotgun (x4 Mags)
- Secondary Weapon: WK USP Pistol (x4 Mags)
- Gadget: Combat Knife (Melee Weapon)
- Level required: 16

Merc Avatar

Stats and Equipment
- Codename: Pyro
- HP: 96
- Base Speed: 4.3
- Primary Weapon: Flamethrower (x3 Mags)
- Secondary Weapon: Explosive Pistol (x12 Mags)
- Gadget: Incendiary Greande x3
- Gadget: Firefighter Axe
- Level required: 15

Pyro Avatar


- Damage: 10/30
- Optimal Range: 6
- Max Range: 7,5
- Reload Time: 2
- Shoot Speed: 0,16
- Ammo: 60
- Speed Malus: 0,5
- Usable by Pyro class (Guard)

Flamethrower in action

Explosive Pistol

- Damage: 46
- Optimal Range: 18
- Max Range: 26
- Reload Time: 1
- Shoot Speed: 0,5
- Ammo: 3
- Speed Malus: 0,3
- Usable by Pyro class (Guard)

Explosive Pistol in action

Firefighter Axe

- Damage: 68
- Melee Range: 1,8/2,1
- Hit Speed: 0,6
- Speed Malus: 0,25
- Usable by Pyro class (Guard)

Electrified Barbed Wire

- Area Damage per Seconds: 6
- Explosion Damage: 15
- Explosion Range: 1m
- Launch Range: really close
- Duration: 20 seconds
- Slowdown Power: Hight (1.0)
- Speed Malus: 0,2
- Usable by Carrier class (Guard)

Electrified Barbed Wire in action

Pump-Action Shotgun

- Damage: 26/78
- Optimal Range: 2.6
- Max Range: 18
- Reload Time: 3,5
- Shoot Speed: 0,8
- Ammo: 6
- Speed Malus: 0,35
- Usable by Merc class (Thief)

Combat Knife

- Damage: 60
- Melee Range: 1,5/1,9
- Hit Speed: 0,45
- Speed Malus: 0,06
- Usable by Merc class (Thief)

Bone Saw

- Damage: 42
- Melee Range: 1,8/2
- Hit Speed: 0,5
- Speed Malus: 0,1
- Usable by Medics class (Thief/Guard)

First Aid Spray

- Heal per Shot: 8
- Optimal Range: 3
- Max Range: 3,2
- Reload Time: 2
- Shoot Speed: 0,18
- Ammo: 30
- Speed Malus: 0,05
- Usable by Carrier class (Guard) and Medic class(Thief only)

10 new extra Badge are now available by leveling up to level 50.

New auto-balance algorithm

Another change that will be available in the next release is a better auto-balance algorithm.

The problem with the current one is that is *only* taking in consideration the average score during the matches and it's not considering the player experience.

The new algorithm it's still a simple one but we think it will be an improvement.

It works like this: every player will have a "rating" computed that it the result of 3 variables:

A = ( avg_score / 2000 ) * 0.5
B = total_wins / total_match_played
C = level / level_cap
RATING = A + B + C

It will be possible to see every player rating just hovering with the mouse on their name inside the lobby:

After a rating is computed for every player we will try to create the best teams, trying different player combinations until the 2 teams have a similar total rating (computed simply summing all the rating of the players in a team).

MAP improvements and Changes: Mansion

New In-Game Map image

Improved Terrain and Grass

MAP improvements and Changes: Police Department

New In-Game Map image

Improved Terrain and Grass

For any questions feel free to contact us on our official Discord Server or Community Forum.

DISCORD Official Server

Official Discord server is now available!
If you want to invite other players please use this link
*Discord is available as Browser application and Standalone client for Win/Mac/Linux iOS and Android.
Check here to download the client -

Official Community Forum

Development roadmap board on Trello

OGAT Development roadmap is now available on Trello board.


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