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Just what to expect in a month time when I hope to have a demo ready for download.

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Hello again,

I'm hoping to be able to update this every day, just to keep this updated. We're making progress every day with either the game design or the story design. Just a progress update for now.
The script is about completed, and has proven the longest and most painstaking part of this project, when you have 12+ endings and plot trees, it becomes a huge script writing for all these different plot points. Currently though, we're writing out a few more endings. Vocal recording has started, and is going smoothly. Still looking for some voice actors for minor roles later in the script if anyone wants to join on that.
The concept for each level is done, by concept I mean the layouts, and item placement, trigger placement, etc. As far as actually designing the levels we're about 30% done. The game features twenty-three chapters, and a whopping forty-six different maps, because with the moral decision system, it not only changes the plot, but the levels you enter, and the areas you see.
We will have a demo of three chapters, with one decision point ready in about a month for download. Those three chapters are in the play-testing phase.
All in all though, we're really excited to get this into the hands of people, what started as just a simple horror mod has turned into this engrossing, well written story. We hope you love it as much as we do.


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