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While CZ is strongly focused on online play, I haven't forgotten those who like playing alone. Get ready for the offline gifts!

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As a huge gamer, I've never been a big fan of "online only" games, and always felt that we should have the right to enjoy great games on our own as well. I have made sure to apply this to Creation Zero.

CZ is no stranger to offline single player mode. Not at all. While CZ was originally developed for online play with friends, I have made sure that offline play works just as well and doesn't get boring.

Everything you can do online can be done offline (of course), but I've also added a nifty little offline gift system that I think will really kick offline up a tad.

Gift giving is a feature that will allow players to take an item and turn it in to a .pres file (present). This means, you can give a friend, family member or total stranger a gift locally! I wouldn't recommend giving a total stranger a local gift however...

All you have to do is put the .pres file on a USB storage device (or any storage device you can use) and take it over to your friend or family members house.

Items can be loaded in during gameplay and can be of any stack size! It's a really cool system for players who either don't have the internet or simply don't play multiplayer often.

Anti-cheating measures have been taken to make sure someone can't receive the same gift more than once, and some items such as plot items, keys, and so on can't be added as a .pres file period.

While this system was created for offline players, it can also be used over the internet. Players can easily upload any .pres file to the net using one of the many file hosting sites around the web, and share them with friends without ever playing the game with them.

I personally intend to upload .pres files for everyone as gifts for purchasing the game during release, so look out for that. ;-)

That's it for now, and as a special gift to you guys, here is an in development screenshot of the cave areas. Yes, they still need work, but they are well on their way!

Cave Areas

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