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Street Kart is now officially in beta and has been testing the game for around one month. To apply for further rounds of beta please go to

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It has finally happened. We're now in our 4th week of beta testing Street Kart, and so far we've had hundreds or people racing PvP and tens of thousands of races.

It's exciting to be able to finally share the game with you guys.

Street Kart is the most competitive racing game to come to iOS. There are NO assists. This is not Real Racing 3. This is not upgrade to win. Skill and Strategy always win out.

Beta Round 3 has just closed, but if you'd like to take part later beta rounds, or join the early bird list please go to

SK has been a 4 year labour of love, and is beautifully balanced and created with unbelievable depth to your racing experience, unmatched by any other iOS racing game, and competing with console/PC games in this regard.

The below video is the sunset in London in Cadet Championships. The sunset sets accurately - so it if it dusk in London, it will be dusk in the game. If it is raining, it'll be raining in the game. This makes your choices for tyres and so forth the same as they would be in the real world.

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