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Quick update to talk about our official website and our first interview conducted by an external publication!

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hoy ye scallywags! Quick update to direct your attention to two sources for more space pirate goodness! The first is our very own humble website which has just been launched. This won't affect how things are run around here. We'll continue to update this indiedb game page, but our website is going to be our central contact point. We've set up a message board that we would like to invite you to join and chat about the game, there is a Twitter feed which you can read at a glance and other things you might fancy. Head right over to and take a look around!

The second news topic is an interview which has recently been conducted by DIYgamer with Warby (Soenke) and me (Friedrich). Core mechanics, game influences, release estimates to name some of the topics which were discussed. Here is an excerpt:

Frie: wrote: DIYGamer: You have an interesting development schedule for PONH, first you plan on releasing a free prototype of the game (approx. 20 minutes/3-4 Levels) for PC, Mac and also playable in browser. How far away are we from getting our hands on that?

Warby: I have not yet given up hope that it could be by the end of August! There is only 1 more major task left that ill be done with this week but a million small things i want to change before releasing … so we will see how those turn out!
Friedrich: The last 10% of a game’s development often take up the longest time. There are all these “little things” that you had pushed aside before and that add up. Even if this is going to be a prototype, that is rough around the edges by definition, we want players to get a proper idea of what the final game would play like. If there are small, easy to complete tasks that significantly improve the way the game plays and feels we’ll try to get those done before releasing the prototype. We are doing a bit of user-testing with friends these days and there are some reoccurring topics that require little effort to fix. Still we would like to get this prototype out to an audience as big as possible, as soon as possible, so some things simply have to wait. End of August sounds optimistic, I would estimate end of September, but as Soenke said we have to see how fast we can get those final tasks done. Just be confident that it is rather a matter of weeks or months than years!

You can read the whole interview right here. That's it! Thanks for the support everyone!

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