We know we've kept you in the dark for a while about the game's specifics, but don't worry - here's our official press release that will let you know what you want to know! We did intend to release a beta at the same time as this press release, but this has been set back due to a couple of bugs and tweaks we wanted to make. To make up for it, we're happy to announce that Awien Ambush will be launching on the 24th of October!

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Awien Ambush is a PC tower defence game which is Home Alone meets Aliens with a cartoony twist. In this game, you take control of a boy named Timmy and must defend your home from an alien invasion. That's not all though - you have to defend yourself from the aliens as well! How, you ask? Why, by building traps of course! However, traps don't come for free - Timmy will need to harvest the lifeblood of the extra-terrestrials in order to build more traps. To assist him with this life-threatening task, Timmy is also equipped with a repertoire of gadgets.


  • Compelling, action tower defence gameplay that requires strategy and cunning;
  • Five quirky and nonsensical types of aliens;
  • Four deadly traps to gain the upper hand with;
  • A distinctive, cartoon art style.

Be sure to check out our official gameplay trailer to see the game in action!

Look forward to Awien Ambush on October the 24th.

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