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Hey everybody, I wanted to commend you all on your efforts in resurrecting homeworld- I'm happy to report that I was there for the first get-together hosted by the HW3 facebook petition-group and the Tunngle room was packed with almost 30 people through a 3 day weekend- we're definitely still here in force, but anyone would admit we are scattered.

One thing we can do to alleviate this is all congregate, of course, one simple means of THAT is getting a forum operational. Fortunately a few others of the group have, located here:

I would like to highlight their immaculate job under the restrictions of forumotion to turn this website into something that looks fresh out of 2003 when the last of our beloved series kicked off. That's all from me guys, please register, bookmark the place, and let's get some proper unification underway.

Hiigara lives!

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