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A discord server is available for join and discuss about this mod and other games I'm working on + changelog of the Demo and one important thing about Number of The Beast

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Join the Discord server for discussion about the mod :

Changelog :

-Fixed some missed textures

-The gameplay core is integrated in the demo

-Fixed some "easter egg" script

Gameplay core:

-New blood sprites

-New fire sprites

-New casing sprites (original code by Sgt.Mark IV)

-Smooth moving for the mobs

Main issues:

-Beta 23 and next updates won't be compatible anymore for zandronum (shame... I also targeted this mod for Co-Op compatible, only GZDOOM is stable)

-Some lag spikes because of FX such as blood for example, even for the flamethrower


-New gore sprites

-New enemies sprites (the thugs are done, demons and dogs left!)

-Final Release of "Number Of The Beast" (The maps are playable but all elements aren't done yet! Still, beta testers will see how beatable is)


Now the maps for Number Of The Beast are at least complete and works well, but as I said in the next updates, I need to make more gameplay elements, I need to work on the script of the bosses of the official campaign, also with the time, it will be possible that maps can be more improved with the time with big changes.

However, for avoid the boring moments in Number of the Beast, the best is to make two versions, "the arcade" and "the story". In the Arcade version, you won't see the cutscenes because the only matter is the gameplay itself than the lore.

For people who plays Zandronum for multiplayer coop or deathmatch, I am sorry and I wish that the devs will work on it for make sure it has the same features than GZDOOM. I imagined this megawad compatible for CO-OP or even deathmatch mode even if I'm not into multiplayer mods.

I want to thank you people for you patience and feedback for this project!

See you soon for next updates!

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