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A detailed list of all the game features. It will be updated through the development process, every time that new features are added to the game.

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TittledevelopmentlogThe development log is a detailed list of all the game features. It will be updated through the development process, every time that new features are added to the game. Please contact us by email or private message if you have any suggestions. Feel free to leave comments as well. You voice is always welcomed!

The following features has been implemented already:

FCC Licensing - Expand the coverage of your network and unlock other states with FCC licenses. This licenses allow your company to more build wireless towers and broadcast on new territories.

Subscription plans system - Design custom subscriptions plans, set rates/fees etc. You can also decide if the plan that you are offering will include voice, data or both. This decisions will affect subscribers directly.

Corporate identity - Customize your logo and company name.

Company reputation system - Company reputation scale (negative, neutral, positive) based on your decisions. This ratings affect the amount of subscribers which can result in a boost or decrease in sales.

Marketing campaigns - The best way to maintain a positive reputation are marketing campaigns. If you ever need to improve your reputation, you can always start a marketing campaign. There are currently three types of campaigns: promotional flyers and internet or television advertisements.

Wireless tower management - Provides real time statistics about your wireless towers and network usage, which will allow you to make informed decisions. It also allows you to manage your inventory and uninstall towers.

Buildings, facilities & resources - Build wireless towers, data centers, offices and retail stores.

Map overviewBuy FCC licenseCorporate identitySpectrum tradingManage wireless towersDesign custom subscription plans

Telecom network system - The telecom network system is based on hexagons that represent your network coverage spectrum. Each time that you unlock new territory, it comes with more possibilities to expand your network as the number of hexagons will increase. However, in order to expand your coverage & the total capacity of subscribers that your network can handle, you need to build wireless towers. Once you build a wireless tower, the hexagons will be activated and your coverage spectrum will be expanded automatically.

Network switch - In case of emergencies, this switch will allow you to turn on/off you network when needed.

Mobile service subscribers system - The subscribers system acts as a counter for the customers that are subscribed to your mobile service. This system is affected by mostly anything that happens in game.

Employees - Hire or fire employees from your company. Take into consideration that hiring too much employees will affect you funds, while firing too much employees will have it consequences as well. Some of the employees that are available are: customer service representatives, engineers and store employees..

Newspaper (Industry News) - The game counts with it's own newspaper that aims to make the game play more realistic with news from the industry. The newspaper will feature all mayor and significant events that happen in game. Note that news triggering will always be based on your own actions, decisions and sometimes on specific dates. However, if your company manages to get press coverage, either negative or positive, your reputation will be affected.

Notification system - The notification system introduces a new way of making decisions in Telecom. With this feature you will be able to actually feel like the CEO by ignoring or taking action on real time events.

Cell towers - When you want to build a cell tower, you can choose from 4G or 5G cell towers in the catalog.

Tower deterioration - For safety reasons, your towers need to pass a structural analysis carried out by the FCC each month. Cell towers have a lifespan and with the pass of the time, they will start deteriorating and you will have to replace them eventually. Failing to comply with FCC rules may result in fines.

Random events - Random events are now possible thanks to a lucky factor. The trigger of this of events depend on your decisions. For example, if you fail to replace an old tower, what you think that will happen?

Bank loans - From now on, you will be able to take loans from the bank in case that you run out of cash for some reason. However, make sure you repay your loans on time, otherwise your assets may be at risk!

Monthly budget - The monthly budget will allow you to keep a record of your monthly expenses. This information is very important when it comes to long term decisions for the company.

Company shares - The brand new shares system gives you the ability to buy or sell company shares to investors. This is great way of getting financed if you don't want to take bank loans.

The following features are planned to be implemented soon:

Global scenarios (International maps)

Distribute your own mobile devices

Retail stores supply inventory

NSA demand for taps event

Employee training

Rival companies

Lobbying event

3G cell towers

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