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Avolition Demo is now available for download. There are downloads for PC Windows, Mac OsX and last but not least a Deb file for both 32 and 64 bit Linux.

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Avolition Demo is now available for download.

This is the first, official demo release. Some earlier version where and still are available for download, if You know where to look, but this is the real McCoy.

Pick Your Version

If You go to the download section, You'll see there are files available for Windows, Mac OS X and two versions for Linux (32 and 64 bit). These are all self-contained installers, nothing more is needed (except a working openGL driver). That's not all, there is also a multi-platform version that will work just as good on any of these operating systems, but to run it You first need to install something called Panda3D runtime - this is something like the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), except it has nothing to do with Java. If You like to try this version, You can find the runtime here:

What's inside?

When running the game You will first see this screen allowing You to configure the game.

Anti-aliasing may not work the first time You run the game, so if there are jagged edges - close the game and start it again. Clicking on Key Configuration will show you this screen, I think everything here is self self explanatory:

Clicking on Start will start the actual game, and show you the character creation screen. Click on the character You like, use the sliders at the top to set Your skills as You want them, and click on start again. Hovering the mouse over the skill icons will show some useful informations:

If You like the music and would like to know more about its author, just click on the banner at the bottom to go to his website.

For Low-end System:

A good graphic card is recommended, if You don't have one, you can still run the game in 'safe-mode'. To do that:

  1. Create a text file called 'config.txt' in the same folder you installed the game
  2. Paste into that file 'safemode 1' (without the quotes)
  3. Save the file and lunch the game

The safe-mode disables offscreen buffers, render to texture effects, texture projection and all shaders, forcing the game to render in the fixed-function pipeline. In safe mode I got the game to run on a tablet with a GMA 600 video card.

Hidden Feature

For reading all the way to the end, a little bonus - a secret key-combo. Press F12 to save a screenshot ;)

primus88 - - 51 comments

Wow.. good old Diablo style. Though I would spend more attention on the art style. Story and art are the elements that pulled Diablo apart from any other H&S.

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grzechotnik1984 Author
grzechotnik1984 - - 10 comments

I do art and coding myself, so it's a bit hard to keep both at a good level and make the game in a few months not years. Don't expect art to be much better then what came in the demo - this is an indie production after all, done without help from UDK content or Unity Asset store by a team of one.
Story ...em, well... 'avolition' is a state characterized by general lack of motivation to pursue meaningful goals. In other words - a meaningful plot is not on my initial to-do list.

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